Tema have partnered with Welsh Water to come up with an innovative way to tackle the upgrade program of Welsh Water booster stations by introducing a ‘Cabinet mounted’ approach.

Instead of trying to repair the existing aging water stations, they are simply replaced with prefabricated stations manufactured by Tema. The stations are pre-assembled in the Tema workshop, which means all the electrics and controls can be tested prior to site arrival minimising start up glitches.

The cabinet mounted approach is proving to be hugely successful, not only does it mean the new station will last another 25-30 years but it also allows for rapid installation which minimises site times and therefore outages, having less disruption for Welsh Water customers. Furthermore it reduces need for supply diversions helping lower costs.

“Pre building these modules seemed a very logical step” states Andy Marinos director of Tema“ it enables the rapid installation of the modules which is key to the success.”

Tema are continuing to develop this approach further for other water boards and expanding the approach for other utilities.