The Solutia UK Plant based in Newport was in search of a manufacturer to supply and install structural steelwork and process pipework for its Therminol Expansion project based at the plant.

Tema Group won the bid with their ingenious ‘modular build strategy’. The modular build approach allowed most of the pipework and steelwork to be built and assembled off site at Tema’s Cardiff premises. The 12km of process pipework as well as building the 600 tone of the structural element of the steel rack were built off site at Tema Group HQ. Even the heat tracing and insulation for the steel rack were installed in the Tema Group assembly yard.

This innovative method brought a number of cost reducing and quality enhancement advantages to the project. The installation period was reduced from an estimated 4 weeks down to only 2 weeks. This had a significant impact on reducing site costs. The quality of the entire manufacture was enhanced by building off site under controlled conditions. The project benefitted from further cost savings as the need for working at height health and safety was minimized using the ‘modular build strategy’.